Zbrush ZSpheres


ZSpheres can manipulated into many shapes and often sculpted later. Often used for sketching an idea.

  1. Go to the Tool Menu, and click Simple Brush. It will bring up a menu and give you options, select ZSphere.
  2. Go into Edit Mode (T) and drag and shift to pull a limb. Holding shift will make the ZSphere the same size. If you don’t want it to be the same size, don’t hold shift. The control key will be able to maintain the size of the ZSphere once you press the control key.


3. Hit the Move Tool (W) to be able to move the ZSphere out. If you hold shift while doing this, the ZSphere will remain straight.

4. In Edit Mode (T) if you do not want the additional ZSphere, press alt and click it or opt and click. The ZSphere selected will disappear.

5. Hit X for symmetry to create arms or legs. To get out of symmetry, just hit X again to go into asymmetry.

6. Hit the Scale Tool (E) click on any of the ZSpheres to scale the size. Click and drag.


7. When you like your ZSphere sketch, select Adaptive Skin Preview (A) and hit Make Adaptive Skin, when you are ready.

It makes a new sculpture in the tool palette. ZSphere can be used to make a quick sketch or a new model to sculpt on.

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