Starting on ZBrush

This is extremely basic, but it is the first step to feeling like you understand Zbrush.

  1. Open up ZBrush. Close the LightBox by hitting the , key


2. Go to the Tool section on the right. Select an object and drag it on the canvas.


3. Now go to Edit or T key


4. Click “Make PolyMesh3D”


5.  Increasing the Geometry by clicking on “Higher Resolution” or hit “Divide”


6. Try drawing on the object


7. Play with the different type of brushes to get a feel for the different styles. I recommend trying, ClayTubes, Move, Pinch, Rake, and Standard to see the variations. Click shift, and that will bring up the smooth brush


This should make you feel a little bit more confident with playing around the canvas. Also, if you hover the ctrl button over any subject on ZBrush and it will bring up information about that said subject. Next blog will be moving around the canvas.

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